In defense of Beyonce…

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

This is the one and only time I will defend Bey because it’s apparent that some people lack reading comprehension skills.

Beyonce was not talking smack about Janet Jackson when she told ELLE magazine:

“I grew up upper class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like The Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

Clearly she’s talking about Joe Jackson using The Jackson 5 to get out of Gary, Indiana when times were hard and jobs were scarce.

She was not purposely targeting Janet.

It’s interesting that Matthew used Bey to earn the cash that fueled his expensive drug habit (allegedly). And he ended up robbing the other members of Destiny’s Child (also allegedly). But I guess that’s not the same thing as using the money your children earn to make a better life for your family.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin


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