Alright everyone! It's time for the official Nyko Ongawa New Years Resolution list.

1. To Lose 50lbs: 1lb per week
2. Get my son enrolled into preschool and have him steadily attending.
3. Get another car
4. Either renew my lease here (in Sacramento) or find another place to stay.
5. Research completely moving to San Francisco
6. Gather a new wardrobe
7. Get a better job with steady hours
8. Get my hair braided (this is a lot harder than you think it is) and Keep it braided
9. Get the broadcast show off the ground
10. Go back to school

- Nyko Ongawa

Wish me luck in everything I do and is planning on doing. And I wish all of you luck in whatever you are trying to continue, end, begin, or pull off.


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